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Medical PDQ App to Revolutionize the Medical App Industry

Sergio Giles


Agile Surgical Assistants LLC.


888-637-3724 ext 700

Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – May 25, 2020

CEOCFO: Mr. Giles, what is the concept behind Agile Surgical Assistants, LLC?

Mr. Giles: Agile Surgical Assistants is actually Surgical Services LLC Corporation, which provides surgical services to surgeons in the local Dallas, Fort Worth area. We are a group of surgical assistants that specialize in Orthopedics, OBGYN and other aspects of surgery.   

CEOCFO: What is your focus today? You just announced your Medical PDQ app.

Mr. Giles: I am glad that you asked that. Medical PDQ is a medical mobile app that we created to help with communications and scheduling amongst medical personnel and patients. We developed the concept while realizing that there is still a gap in communication between medical professionals and patients. We have created Medical PDQ as a more efficient way for doctors to communicate with office staff and patients. It started as an idea for better communication. As we developed ideas and brainstormed, it transitioned more into an app.

CEOCFO: How does the app works?  

Mr. Giles: The app actually works in various different ways. While we were developing the app we interviewed different healthcare and medical professionals ie; surgeons, doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and medical assistants. We asked them, “What would make their day more productive?” Basically everyone’s first answer was communication. As we started to develop the app, we asked different medical professionals about their daily tasks and how they could be improved. Medical PDQ has various features for; scheduling, consult requests, invite to connect with people, chat message, receive notifications for emergencies, create teams and send out requests for coverage request for procedures, shifts and many other features.

Also, another great feature on the app is the emergency feature, which is developed specifically for doctors. With this feature, Medical PDQ gathers the team for an emergency. Therefore, if the hospital were to call the doctor and say, “We have an emergency coming in,” the doctor, on their phone, opens the Medical PDQ app, hit the “new emergency” tab and types in the emergency. Next, they can choose a customized team (comprised of colleagues they selected for a specific team) and send the emergency request to everyone in that customized team. Everyone in that customized team will receive an alert on their phone, which they can actually accept or deny the emergency alert.      

CEOCFO: Is that something that a doctor would do or would the hospital look for the whole team?  

Mr. Giles: Actually, it could go either way. More times than often, the doctor is either making a lot of calls to find someone to come help or directs hospital employees (Nurses, etc.) to make calls for someone to come help. In the near future, we are looking at the possibility to implement Medical PDQ with different hospital systems with an API key, where hospitals can use our communication system.

CEOCFO: Some of the work would seem to be simple tasks like scheduling. How are your basic tasks in this app easier than other available methods?  

Mr. Giles: Scheduling is basically centered around the scheduler or the medical assistant. The great thing about scheduling on Medical PDQ, which is similar to the emergency feature, the scheduler can actually schedule multiple medical personnel, including the patient, all at once with just the click of a few buttons, verses having to call everybody individually and actually verify or approve the schedule. The scheduled appointment is auto-populated on the schedule of everyone invited. The doctor or the patient themselves could accept or decline the actual scheduled appointment after receiving the appointment alert.

CEOCFO: That sounds like a good idea! I hate when a provider schedules something without first consulting me.  I often have to say, “No, that is not really a good time.”  

Mr. Giles: Yes! Actually, the patient can simply go into their notifications for clinical/surgical appointments and accept or decline. We created this feature because we understand that life happens. When an appointment is accepted or declined, the healthcare providers will get an alert. This feature helps to keep everyone more productive, helps avoid delays and it eliminates wasted time for the medical personnel.

CEOCFO: Where were the challenges in the technology or was it more a matter of recognizing what was needed and then not so difficult to get the technology together?  

Mr. Giles: That is a good question. It was a little bit of both, to be honest. It was quite a challenge, brainstorming and exactly mapping out how the functionality of this app was going to actually be beneficial, not just to medical personnel, but also to the patients as well. We ran into quite a few road blocks while developing this app. It took a little bit over a year to develop this app due to the functionality of the software. However, we ended up having to take some alternative routes, and actually brainstorm to make Medical PDQ more functional and user friendly.  

CEOCFO: How are you rolling out the app? How are you reaching out to potential users, customers or partners?  

Mr. Giles: Yesterday was actually our official launch of the app. We are also going to be using email campaigns, advertising and marketing on social media platforms. We will be also advertising in medical magazines, online blogs, to include traditional marketing. As the company continues to grow, we are actually going to branch out to more different avenues of marketing and advertising. We have some other features and updates that we are going to be implementing into the app and plan to showcase these new features to perspective new members and the general public.

CEOCFO: What is the geographic range for your company today? How do you get parties nationwide interested? How do you get everyone hooked up together?  

Mr. Giles: Very interesting question. When we first developed the app, we thought about putting the app in different languages. However, we realized after our research and development, we discovered the majority of the countries have English as a second language, so we figured that it was not necessary to have the app translated into various languages. However, we hope to reach global markets to coordinate our advertising and marketing efforts with some corporations or marketing firms overseas. Currently, we are working with a firm out of San Francisco, California.

CEOCFO: What is your business model?

Mr. Giles: Medical PDQ charges a monthly subscription based on the medical professional profiles. It is a service app. Medical PDQ does not sell our members information as other apps do. We plan to include a “medical job board” into the app. We have actually been discussing implementing an advertisement feature for pharmaceutical companies and/or medical device companies.

The basic concept of Medical PDQ is to ultimately be a “one stop shop” for medical professionals and patients. We have also been brainstorming the concept of including medical billing into the app as well.

CEOCFO: How do you insure user friendliness? Everyone claims they have developed is easy to use and many of the times when you go to use it, it really is not.  

Mr. Giles: One of the main things that we considered during brainstorming and development was to make Medical PDQ user friendly. We understand that working in the medical field is complicated enough at times. So, why develop a complicated app? We laid out Medical PDQ, to place the features on the Home page, making the app easier to use.

Therefore, when you log in it says, “What would you like to do?”

We definitely thought about the functionality of it and we are trying to keep it simple. With our research, we realized that the majority of medical apps are mostly medical reference education material. Medical PDQ is a medical app that actually connects medical personnel with their staff and has features for daily tasks. Unlike other medical apps, Medical PDQ is not just for doctors, we understand that the entire staff needs an app for productivity.

CEOCFO: Were you surprise that there was not something already developed?  

Mr. Giles: Actually, yes I was! When we decided to develop Medical PDQ, we actually contacted eight different app development corporations in different parts of the world. It was actually named Surgical PDQ before we changed it to Medical PDQ. However, the app corporations that we contacted stated “There is no app out there like this at all.”   

CEOCFO: Are you seeking funding, partnerships or investment as you move forward?   

Mr. Giles: Partnerships are something that we definitely look forward to entertain. As for investors, we already have investors. However, as for partners, we are seeking synergies with different corporations. We understand that technology changes, and we look forward growing with the ages.

CEOCFO: Why are Agile Surgical Assistants LLC and your Medical PDQ important?  

Mr. Giles: One of the main reasons why we feel that it is important is because it actually saves time. It helps eliminate time consuming delays and increases productivity, for medical professionals and patients.

When I was developing this app, I realized that the communication issue is not just localized; it is actually throughout the country. Therefore, I realized that there could be a more efficient way we can communicate and help us stay on top of things as they progress through the day.

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“The basic concept of Medical PDQ is to ultimately be a “one stop shop” for medical professionals and patients.”- Sergio Giles