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Any Business Struggling to Build Capital Should Inquire about the Creditguymke Funding Program

Lamont Smith


Creditguymke LLC


Lamont Smith

888-658-3803 ext 101

Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine

Published – November 16, 2020

CEOCFO: Mr. Smith, what is the concept behind Creditguymke?

Mr. Smith: Creditguymke started about a year ago in preparation for my book release title: The Blueprint: 10 Ways to Improve Your Credit. It was my graphic designer and I wanting to give me my own platform away from my credit restoration company, which was Right Track Credit Repair. Then while assisting small businesses and some medium-sized businesses as well, to gain capital for their business, I started Creditguymke LLC.

CEOCFO: What do you understand about small business, about capital, about credit, that allows you to provide a service that is a cut above what others might offer?

Mr. Smith: Our mission here is to help entrepreneurs attain the capital and credit they need to fuel their dreams, by offering financing. Our program is the only system that successfully combines business credit and funding. There are lenders out there that offer three to five lending programs and don’t get me wrong there are business credit companies who help build business credit.

But there are no companies that successfully offer both funding and business credit Like we do. When the banks so “no” we make it easy for businesses to obtain credit lines and loans to start and grow. We offer a wide variety options to service our clients.

CEOCFO: When did you recognize the fact that you should be offering both, that people wanted it and it made business sense for you to offer funding and credit?

Mr. Smith: It went back a couple years ago and I was always doing it on a smaller scale. I never went public with it because I am a shy person, so I do not like a lot of attention. When those around you support you and push you into your gift, your God-given gift, which is helping others secure funds for their business and build personal credit as well, then I knew it was time to offer this to people. With the pandemic, small and medium business owners do not have the capital to sustain their businesses so we are offering it here with the financing suite.

CEOCFO: How do you decide who is a good prospect to work with and who is likely to pay back the money?

Mr. Smith: I go through a rigorous one-on-one consultation, about fifteen to thirty minutes where I ask some of the questions about their business, about the business finances and things of that nature. I let them know, you are not ready for this part of the program yet, meaning going out to get capital right away. Let’s build their business credit with the Net 30s or some Net 55 accounts, or vendor accounts first, so you they can build their business credit that way, instead of going the hybrid way.

CEOCFO: What is something you might look at when assessing someone’s credit worthiness that others might not consider?

Mr. Smith: I look at whether they filled out their whole address and whether everything is complete. When I am talking to them, the questions that I ask them will tell me if they are really looking just for capital or if they genuinely care about building their business credit. I get a lot of clients as I am explaining what I do, I think they just jump for the capital part and do not understand until down the road when I explain to them in that second or third meeting.

CEOCFO: How do you reach out to potential clients and how do they find you if they are looking?

Mr. Smith: Potential clients can find me on different social media platforms. I have a website I also have a blog which is I am on Facebook with Creditguymke, as well as Instagram. I also have the book as well titled: The Blueprint: 10 Ways to Improve Your Credit on Amazon.  For me, I reach out to potential clients by marketing on social media a lot with ads.

CEOCFO: What has changed in your approach over time?  What have you learned as you have been working with more and more people?

Mr. Smith: I am learning to relax. I am a very uptight and serious person. I have learned to allow my personality show. Letting people see the Lamont that my close family and friends know, I am learning to let that go and let people see that. In them seeing that, I attract more people that way. I am learning to reach out to people and not be afraid to talk. I had a speech impediment which always kept me silent because I did not want people to laugh at me. As I got older and with God’s help, I am now able to articulate myself to people.

CEOCFO: Are there particular types of businesses, size, geography, industries, that you tend to look at more favorably?

Mr. Smith: No there are no businesses that I look at more favorably. I get a lot of business with startups. However, I actually fly to New York next week for a client that just signed a million-dollar contract deal for a transportation business. I have some meetings up there with some more medium size businesses for product and capital and things like that. I try to give my knowledge to anyone that is willing to listen, and I try to help them.

CEOCFO: When you are talking to a prospective client is there a point where they recognize that they are going to get something more from you than they might with someone that does not care as much?

Mr. Smith: I get a lot of people and sometimes I get really busy, so I have other people that do things, and also with my staff, people just want to deal with me. My personality is starting to show, and the fact or the matter is people can sense when someone really cares about not only them but their business progressing.

CEOCFO: What has changed for you under COVID?

Mr. Smith: I have gotten really busy. Here in Wisconsin, COVID took a toll on a lot of small businesses. My clients used their personal money to front for the business costs. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not educated on business credit, business capital, and things of that nature without using their personal credit score. It is busy which is great, and it allowed me to do webinars to get information to people because I cannot go stand in-front of twenty-five or thirty people now. Everything has to be online and things like that. We do a lot of ZOOM calls as well as phone appointments.

CEOCFO: Why are you confident that people will get through the COVID problems and be able to be successful in their businesses?

Mr. Smith: I just explained to my pastor today about COVID and why COVID had to be here I feel, so we could get things in-line, to structure ourselves.  When it comes to businesses, a lot of small businesses are not structured in a way to gain capital. Lenders look for certain things and a lot of businesses just say hey I got this and this, but it is not structured right. That is where I come in and the first step with me is to teach them how to structure correctly so they can look good for the lenders. Everybody is going to get through COVID, things will get better. Right now, it is time to structure ourselves personally and business wise.

CEOCFO: How do you work with a client who wants your help but is so close to his or her business and so used to their own approach that although they want you to do what you can, they also resist at the same time?

Mr. Smith: I always tell clients it is the relationship. I always use that word especially when I am doing personal credit. All that does is carry over to the business side. I let them know I am here to assist, this is a relationship and if I ask you to do XYZ, I expect you to trust me because you got in business with me because I am the most trusted in what I do. I am open and honest with people.

CEOCFO: What does next year look like for Creditguymke?

Mr. Smith: Next year I am actually working on a book for business. I am creating a Business 101 course to teach people how to do it themselves. It is going to be a 10-point module. They are going to get a workbook and all those things just to show them the steps that I am actually doing for them, they can actually do themselves as well.

For me, it is not about money, I always tell people God takes really good care of me and He always has, even when I was making ten dollars an hour. I stand on those beliefs that as long as I do right by people, God will always take good care of me.

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“For me, it is not about money, I always tell people God takes really good care of me and He always has, even when I was making ten dollars an hour. I stand on those beliefs that as long as I do right by people, God will always take good care of me.” Lamont Smith