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Combat veteran, Frank Kirby, CEO of Dustoff06, helping to solve the problem of veterans’ inability to sleep, anxiety, and PTSD, causing terrible situations for those suffering in silence.

Frank Kirby


Dustoff06, LLC

Patrick Farley

Partner & CEO Enso Discoveries LLC

Dustoff06, LLC


Frank Kirby

Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine

Published – June 7, 2021

CEOCFO: Mr. Kirby, what is the overall vision behind Dustoff06?

Mr. Kirby: The overall vision is that we want to help provide veterans with the support that they are lacking in a lot of areas. Most combat veterans suffer with sleep deprivation, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain, and what we are trying to do is help them with those issues. Essentially, we provide a proprietarily formulated high quality CBD, CBC, and CBN combination with 3000mgs for the necessary strength. According to veteran feedback we’ve received, Zo CBD has shown just outstanding results helping them finally get the sleep they need, as well as help knock down their anxiety dramatically. We are thrilled to see these results and quite frankly, it’s been very emotional for me as a combat veteran myself who also suffered.

Our goal is to help veterans and reduce the number of suicides, because a lot of veterans are suffering in silence, and we want to bring that to the forefront by giving them the availability of our products, in the hopes that it helps them sleep and lowers their stress, anxiety, PTSD, and also chronic pain.

CEOCFO: Are most veterans working with someone or some organization on these problems now? Might they be coming to you in conjunction with that or there many vets looking at CBD on their own?

Mr. Kirby: Most veterans just do not talk about it. We do not talk about our issues; we hide them and continue to drive on with the same problems over and over. Our story is generally the same across the board, we are all trying to cope on our own, containing it inside of ourselves, and I believe that is why the suicide rate is so high. Right now, on average, there are 22 veterans a day committing suicide. One is too many, but 22 is unacceptable. There are currently programs available for veterans in need, but not enough that are working successfully for them.

You have the VA to help veterans, but they do not have the ability to offer our product, or any CBD oil product for that matter, so soldiers are using pills that they are being prescribed. Generally, they are not helping the issue, but compounding the problems. You can get help falling asleep with the pills, but you are knocked out, and the damage to your liver and the rest of your body is absolutely astronomical. They are getting sleep, but they still wake up tired and do not want to get out of bed. With our product, I think we can take that away and I think we can ease those struggles. We are bringing veterans’ mental health awareness to light to really try to get them the help they so desperately need and deserve.

CEOCFO: Would you tell us about the quality of your product?

Mr. Farley: I am CEO of a biotech company, Enso Discoveries, that produces this very unique, high quality CBD. There is currently so much misinformation around CBD products on the market, that it can really be confusing to navigate, as many customers do not know the origin or anything, really, about the CBD products they buy. One goal when we started this, was to talk to the many physicians across the country to whom I currently sell regenerative medicine products. We asked them what they would want in a CBD, and if they ever get patients who come in and ask them about CBD. They said, “Yes, all the time, but we will not recommend anything because we do not know where they come from.” So I said, “If I could offer a product with complete provenance from seed to bottle, would you be interested?” And they said, “You have no idea how important that is!” There are now many physicians that are offering our product because of our quality and science. My obligation is to give DUSTOFF06 and customers the best products in the world. I am confident that we are doing that.

Why are we different? We have our own organic hemp farm in Colorado, where we test everything, including the soils and water for pesticides. Many hemp products on the market now come from overseas with little-to-no traceability of the quality or origin. With our CBD, any time that we change or move our product, we do more testing, and therefore, updating. In fact, all of our bottles have a batch-specific QR code on them, that when scanned, provides a COA (Certificate of Analysis) that will always tell you what is in it. (Typically, three pages.) We move our finished hemp from our Colorado farm to our in-house laboratory in Wichita, Kansas in cooperation with the State of Kansas which has one of the highest-tech, fully licensed processing plants in the country. They are phenomenal. We then autoclave the bottles, which simply means we put them in a laboratory instrument that is used to sterilize surgical tools. We also sterilize the droppers and then fill the bottles in our laboratory, often under a Class II hood, which, again, is a sterilized environment. We seal them once and then we seal them a second time. Therefore, the provenance and highest quality is exactly what we offer, as we never lose control of our product. Very few, if any, companies can match this process.

Finally, when we got into this business, we said that we are only going to offer the highest quality and quantity CBD available. We hired one of the top formulators in the country to create our own proprietary formula, which we spent literally tens of thousands of dollars to come up with. If you look at our product, it has very high amounts of CBC and CBN to go with the CBD. The CBC in our product tends to help with anxiety (and other stressful situations, according to our patients) and the CBN, which aids in sleep, is something we purposefully added more of to the formula, as we know how bad sleep deprivation is for so many, including our soldiers. We really went out of our way to have our own proprietary formula. Even the processor said, “I’ve never seen or sampled anything like this before.” Because, as Frank was saying, we were stunned how many veterans just rely on self-medicating and still suffer from lack of sleep. As you know, sleep deprivation can cause real long term health issues, which is why Frank’s company, Dustoff06, is so focused on helping veterans and to potentially stop the insanely high soldier suicide rates we see today.

CEOCFO: What is it about CBN that helps with sleep differently than some of the other remedies in use today?

Mr. Farley: Every fraction of the hemp plant is working in conjunction with every other fraction to provide a superior product.  As an example, if you look up CBN, you can read about how it can help with sleep, relaxation, and anxiety. I do not know the exact scientific reason why CBN hits a certain receptor in our body and makes us sleep, but we have added additional large amounts on purpose, because we do know it works, and it helps to solve a veteran’s inability to sleep.

CEOCFO: Did you always plan on growing at your own facility or did you look around and find you could not really trust growers, so you needed to have full control?

Mr. Farley: I only deal in quality and science. Our company and products are known for absolute quality and scientific validation, as is the case with our Zo CBD. If I could not have grown it, and had complete control of where it came from, we were not going to do it. My family has a big hemp farm in Colorado, with their own ground water, hand-planted and hand-picked hemp. We have exclusive rights to all of this hemp, which we know is fantastic, and adds to the value of our products. I have no interest in buying CBD from unknown sources as so many others do. We will never do that.

CEOCFO: How are you able to help a veteran know which product they should be taking without crossing the line of advice?

Mr. Kirby: Currently we only offer the one full-spectrum product but are also working on a broad-spectrum version with no THC. With FDA regulations, I can say it may help with sleep, but every single testimonial that we have had, has said that without a doubt it has changed their lives and their sleep patterns.

CEOCFO: How do you reach out to veterans, and how do they find you?

Mr. Kirby: I joined a veterans group called Bold Vets, and joined the American Legion, VFW, and AMVETS. I am also in the Veterans Golfer Administration. Those are the ways that I am currently reaching out to veterans. The whole goal is to get veterans to and they can read my story of who I am along with my military experience, and they can read the overview of our products. Reaching out to veterans is the hardest thing because a lot of us do not want to talk about our issues, so making those contacts is going to be a struggle, but it is what I am working on now.

CEOCFO: How is business at Dustoff06 now?

Mr. Kirby: We are jumping through hoops and making everything happen. Our lab is great, and business is good. We have a 2-star General who has offered his full support to our product and to Dustoff06. He is also using Zo CBD and he wrote a testimonial which is on our site. I do not know of any other General that has endorsed any product even close to this. With his support, and with his team, I think our business is going to grow exponentially over the next few months and continue to grow after that.

CEOCFO: What surprised you from concept to where you are today?

Mr. Kirby: I’ve really been surprised by how fast we have been able to build a network and build a group of individuals that are supporting us and believe in us. I thought it was going to take me months and months and months to get to where I have already gotten in two weeks. The interest in the product that has grown so rapidly has been the biggest surprise to me.

CEOCFO: How will you be able to keep up with demand, and is there enough product available? Are all the steps in place?

Mr. Kirby: Absolutely! We have our own hemp farm in Colorado, and our process is done correctly and diligently – organic, and with thorough testing at every step of the way.

We were prepared and have had plans in place since the beginning to ensure our product does not go on backorder; we were not going to launch until we had enough product to support the demand that we expected, and to exceed the demand that we expected. We have more than enough product to support the demand.

CEOCFO: Are you seeking funding, investment, partnerships as you grow?

Mr. Kirby: I am looking for partners like the VFW, American Legion, or something like that to help us grow. As far as investors, no, I am not. I am self-funded with Dustoff06, and I am quite happy with that. However, I would look for partners to help us expand and grow.

CEOCFO: How do you decide how to price your product?

Mr. Kirby: I think our product is priced well below where we could price it. Our manufacturer essentially told us our price should be up at $180 to $220, and we have a price at $139 right now. To produce this strength and this high-level quality of a product that typically lasts for 30 days or more, is very expensive. The alternative is to hear, all too often, “I tried a cheaper CBD, and it didn’t work.” I think our price is perfect, I do not think it needs to move at all. I think we could raise it, but we do not need to. We control everything we do, from the seed all the way to the bottle, so we can offer our product at a lower price, and I think we will stick with that.

CEOCFO: Do you see going beyond veterans at some point?

Mr. Kirby: I can sell to anybody, but my focus is on veterans. With Enso Nutraceuticals, their market focus is on physicians, and getting CBD out there to healthcare providers. I personally want to focus on veterans because that is where my heart is and that is what my drive is. My focus is on veterans, and I want to keep to that.

CEOCFO: What, if anything, might people miss about Dustoff06 when they first look at the company?

Mr. Kirby: They might not understand that we offer a veterans’ assistance program. It is a 501-c called Veterans First Initiative. It is a nonprofit that we are in the process of starting. The website will probably be up in about two to three weeks. The 501-c is at the bottom of my page and essentially, with that, Dustoff06, Enso Discoveries, and I are funding all the administration portions of our 501-c, so therefore, every dime donated helps veterans. Everybody that works for the 501-c is on a volunteer basis, so every single cent donated goes to soldiers in need. If anybody is hurting, we want to get them what they need, and we will do that with our 501-c.

Another thing that may be missed about Dustoff06, is that we are also trying to get other medical products into the VA that can help soldiers with wound care like our PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin), and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). We are working to supply those products to the VA in order to help soldiers with other needs, but these kits are not offered to the public market. They can only be sold to the VA, to physicians, etc.

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“I personally want to focus on veterans because that is where my heart is and that is what my drive is. My focus is on veterans, and I want to keep to that.”
Frank Kirby