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IDenta Corporation Brings to the Market a Unique Patented Technology for Identifying Drugs and Explosives for Government Agencies and Concerned Citizens.

Amichai Glattstein


IDenta Corp.



Meredith Gatto


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – March 1, 2021


CEOCFO: Mr. Glattstein, the first thing I see on the IDenta Corp. website is “Where shifting threats meet solutions.”  How does IDenta address threats?

Mr. Glattstein: We develop, manufacture and market drug detection kits, explosives detection and a number of other unique forensic products. If there is a suspicious powder, liquid or tablet, a suspicious area, suspicious luggage and likes - we know how to sample it and identify if there is an explosive or drug there immediately. Our detections are one-time use and based on a color reaction. They are easy and simple to use, extremely accurate and 100% safety.  

CEOCFO: Is IDenta on call for example from police departments, governments or airports; how do you work with your clients?

Mr. Glattstein: We are dealing mainly with government agencies. Some government agencies that we are working with: Police, Army, Border Control, Customs, Prisons and Airports. Even when airlines where they are dealing with substances, luggage and people, and they need to know in a high-quality test, in the field and they need immediate results, so we are working with them.

In addition, we have another channel for sales with the consumer market. We are selling our Drug detections for worried parents, working place and schools – while they see a suspected powder – they can know immediate what it is. We have also a unique and powerful detection – a General Screening Test for 30 types of drugs in one device.

CEOCFO: How are you able to test for so many different drugs in one test?

Mr. Glattstein: We have found a common structure. For many types of drugs, we have a patent for the chemistry, and we have a patent for the casing as well. The process we are doing with these tests is extremely easy and friendly. We have founded by our chief scientist officers who was the head of the chemical division in the Israeli police for 30 years.

We are selling our technology in a couple tens of countries around the world.  

CEOCFO: How do you reach out to the consumer?

Mr. Glattstein: We are selling through pharmacies and online sites. We sold our products throw Walgreens stores national for a couple years as well. We are trying to enlarge our platform with more and more retailers in USA and other territories. Every customer that will look to buy our products – he will be able to do so very easy and quick.  

CEOCFO: What is the market for consumer drug testing?

Mr. Glattstein: The market for drug testing kits including a couple ways to identify drugs such as urine, saliva, blood, hair and substance. This market is approximately $5 billion annually and always growing. We have the solution to take apart from this market.  

CEOCFO: On identifying threats you work globally. Does IDenta have experts on-call in various locations?

Mr. Glattstein: We are dealing with many distributors around the world and we are selling in more than twenty countries. Customers like our solutions and technology and we have the solutions for them that can be relevant in the field. With many other products or technologies, you need electricity, training, but our unique technology is extremely simple to use and you can use it and bring it to every place in the world.

CEOCFO: What else about your product is different and better? How did you come up with your solution?

Mr. Glattstein: We learned a lot from our competitors and ask many customers and users around the world what they are looking for, and we have invested a lot of money and time to find the best solution. Today we have an extremely easy-to-use kits with 100% safety, which is unique in our field. We have advanced chemistry based on thirty years of know-how from our chief scientist. We have a couple more technologies and no exposure to the chemicals. All of these advantages are taking us far away from the other. We have a lot of room to penetrate additional markets.

CEOCFO: Is the IDenta name known when organizations are looking for products in this arena?

Mr. Glattstein: We established the company more than twenty years ago and our name is well-known in the world, in the forensic territories and a lot of people are familiar with our brand. We have a lot of activities involved on social media and our brands are getting more and more exposure every day. In addition, we added all the time more products and brands under our cooperation and people will know about these brands soon.

CEOCFO: How does your cost compare to other products on the market?

Mr. Glattstein: Until two years ago we had the most expensive product in the market. In a couple countries they have budges for the best technology in the market and we gave them the best solution for their demands. We enlarged our platform in the last two years because of the pricing issue with some other countries that had a problem with budget. Therefore, today we have the whole solutions for every customer based on his budget. For example, with vehicles, there are many types for big or small families for the field or for sport, but everything is under one famous brand. We are doing something similar. We have many of the same types of products with different prices and today we can offer them to any customers based on any badges as the best solution for him.

CEOCFO: Would an organization typically buy several of your products or might they just look at one particular area?

Mr. Glattstein: We have some general kits, such as general test kits for drugs, for 30 different types. We also have the same solution for general explosives, to identify 21 different types of explosives. We have specific keys to identify exactly for example if you are looking to know is it is cocaine or not. In all our platforms we have a couple models. Usually, you can see many kinds of products for each customer but actually it is up to the customer who is working, some prefer the general and some are looking for something specific.

We are dealing with everybody. If they are a forensic lab, they may have a mobile car or buying some other forensic products that we can offer like a bullet hole testing kit and a blood detection kit, and some such as the bomb squad are buying the explosives and the law enforcement officers are buying the drug kits, so it is up to the end-user.

CEOCFO: What is ahead for IDenta in 2021?

Mr. Glattstein: We intend to penetrate more and more markets based on our newest platform and strategy that we can offer for every type of customer and find the best solution for him. As a result of the COVID-19, a lot of people at home so they have a lot of time to be involved with drugs. The use of drugs has increased a lot in the last year.

We are in a good niche compared to other areas that suffered a lot as a result of the COVID. We hope that we will be a part of happiness to keep the world secure as much as we can.

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“Today we have an extremely easy-to-use kits with 100% safety, which is unique in our field.” Amichai Glattstein