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ISOutsource: Changing the Face of IT Support & Services

Naveen Rajkumar

CEO and President


(800) 240-2821

Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – November 9, 2020

CEOCFO: Mr. Rajkumar, what is the vision and approach behind ISOutsource?  

Mr. Rajkumar: ISOutsource is a modern IT consulting firm focused on technology, strategy, and business transformation. Our cross-industry capabilities enable organizations to harness the power of technology to boost performance, streamline operations, and unlock economic value. We serve clients in Washington, Oregon, and Arizona in financial, healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofit, government, legal, architecture & engineering, and construction industries. (Just to name a few.)

CEOCFO: What type of support are you able to provide? What are the services you offer?  

Mr. Rajkumar: We offer a wide range of IT managed services. Our top services are security assessments, compliance readiness (and support), systems administration, network administration, collaboration, IT help desk, and remote monitoring and management. We also offer Virtual CIO services for companies that need part-time CIO services and strategic guidance.

CEOCFO: Do most of your clients take advantage of the full range of services that you provide or do they often pick and choose?

Mr. Rajkumar: Our clients have access to all the services that we provide. They are able to pick and choose what they need depending on their current business needs. We serve as trusted advisors and point them toward the services which will provide them the most ROI.

CEOCFO: How do you maintain the expertise needed to offer a large variety of solutions?

Mr. Rajkumar: We are proud to have a very experienced team at ISOutsource. Many of our team members have been with the company for over five years, many over ten years. They are skilled professionals with certifications in key technology areas and they’re always learning and growing. We make it a point to identify new and emerging technology trends and equip our team members proactively as not only a benefit to our clients but also to our team. I believe curiosity and a growth mindset are important traits for our team members and because of this, we encourage them to learn new skills on an ongoing basis by paying for their training and certifications.

CEOCFO: When you are talking with a new customer, what do you look at to assess how best you can be of help?

Mr. Rajkumar: We assess the state of their current IT environment, the size of their team, their immediate needs and pain points, as well as try to gain insight and understanding of their long-term goals. We are a client-centric company and we work really hard to ensure we provide them with the right solution the first time. Our initial assessment of their technology systems, needs, and motivations helps us put the right solution together for them.

ISOutsource strives to be the trusted advisors for our clients instead of serving as a transactional IT service provider. If we determine that they are not a good fit, we try to remain helpful by pointing them in a different direction or to a provider that can meet their needs instead of trying to bend technology to their needs. A forced fit is not a good fit - for us or for the client.

CEOCFO: How do you get that across to new clients? Do they come to you perhaps by recommendation of word of mouth? Do you do much advertising? How do clients understand that you really are looking out for them in the best possible way?

Mr. Rajkumar: We are extremely proud to maintain exceptionally high client satisfaction scores! Delighted clients provide a lot of referrals, absolutely. With over six hundred active clients, we are well known, especially in the Puget Sound region. It’s very common for a company to call and tell us that they were referred by another client of ours.


In the other markets like Spokane, Tri-Cities, Phoenix, and Portland, we focus on marketing our services through events, SEO / SEM, and other means. We’re excited about doing more outreach in our existing markets in 2021.

CEOCFO: What has changed for you under COVID? Many companies in your arena are doing very well as people need so much help with altered work practices. What have you found? How has COVID affected your customers and your business model?

Mr. Rajkumar: Our business model has not been affected very much as a result of COVID because companies are doing their best to stay relevant and IT is an integral part of keeping their business up and running. This is especially true during a time when many people are working from home and technology has become a key enabler for this remote work. ISOutsource is and has been well-positioned to provide businesses with remote monitoring and maintenance of their IT systems, identify and implement remote access solutions, and also help them stay compliant and secure given all these changes.

I believe our business is very strong and positioned for growth, even while there is a general sense of anxiety in the industry as companies reinvent themselves. As mentioned earlier, we are client-centric and empathetic to their needs. By bringing empathy into every client conversation, we gather an understanding of what they are going through as a business and offer them the right solutions. We continue to find new and different ways to serve our clients and are planning to come up with new products and service offerings that will help them grow their businesses. When our clients succeed, so do we, and that’s exactly where we want to be.

CEOCFO: Do you see expanding into additional areas and why are you in Phoenix, not as close geographically as your other locations?

Mr. Rajkumar: Phoenix is a rapidly growing market as many businesses move in from California and adjacent markets. It’s a very strategic market for us as we see a lot of larger companies moving to Phoenix which leads to a lot of small and medium businesses setting up shop to support them. We want to stay ahead of the curve and welcome the small and medium businesses as they set up offices and help them with their technology needs right from day one.


To answer your question about newer geographies, for now, we are focused on these four geographic regions because we see a lot of potential in them and aim to maximize our saturation of these markets before moving into additional markets. That said, if adjacent markets open up and we see an opportunity to expand strategically, we would absolutely consider that.     

CEOCFO: How do you help with security and finding what is right for each of your clients? It is such a big issue with so many different approaches.

Mr. Rajkumar: Security is a vast domain and the needs are very different across each industry. We tailor our security solutions to the needs of our clients and adapt with them as needs change.


ISOutsource has a proactive approach to security. We believe that a good security practice should be about preventing something bad from happening and we have tools and methodologies that serve as early detection mechanisms to help ensure clients are following industry best practices. We find vulnerabilities before they become a problem and we help our clients remediate issues before they can be exploited. We have our own product that helps us in serving our clients in this area and have had an overwhelming success rate in client adoption.

CEOCFO: I see on your website, under the “our approach” section, “No contracts, no cancellation fees, just trusted solutions.” Why is that the right way to do business for you and do people appreciate that aspect of ISOutsource?

Mr. Rajkumar: Our clients absolutely love it! I was a CIO in a previous role, and I hated signing long term contracts with companies that I did not have any prior experience with.


At ISOutsource, our philosophy is to win the trust of our clients by doing great work that helps them harness technology to their advantage and mitigate business risks at an affordable cost. We do not want to burden them with a contract when we are confident that they will love the work we perform.

CEOCFO: What attracted you to take on the leadership role at ISOutsource?

Mr. Rajkumar: This is my second week as CEO and President at ISOutsource. There are four main reasons why I took this position. One is our relentless focus on client satisfaction, which has resulted in us having more than 600 active clients, and for a company our size, that is huge! The second reason was the team. We have a group of highly motivated, highly skilled, and extremely talented team members who have been with us for a long time. The third reason is that the company has strong financials and is well-positioned to make the investments required for growth while continuing to meet the needs of our clients. Lastly, I believe that ISOutsource can offer a lot more to our clients through new products and service offerings and can become the market leader and a sought-after IT Services partner for any small and medium business in our focus markets.

CEOCFO: What have you seen in your first weeks at ISOutsource there that surprised you? I am sure you did a lot of due diligence. What did you recognize once onboard?

Mr. Rajkumar: Before I came in, I knew we had happy customers but did not realize how happy they were! We do regular NPS surveys (Net Promotor Score) which is a good indicator of client satisfaction. While a good NPS score for an IT services company is in the 20 to 25 range, ISOutsource has an NPS score of 70 over the last year! A business with over 600 active clients who are absolutely delighted with the service they are receiving is a great place to be.


I see a highly motivated and skilled workforce, as well as a delighted client base, and I believe ISOutsource can become the market leader and provide a level of support to small and medium businesses beyond anything they’ve experienced with previous providers.

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“ISOutsource strives to be the trusted advisors for our clients instead of serving as a transactional IT service provider.” Naveen Rajkumar