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Medical Technology Management Institute – providing Continuing Education in Medical Imaging/Radiology

Jay Mazurowski


Medical Technology Management Institute


(262) 717-9797

Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – September 27, 2021

CEOCFO: Mr. Mazurowski, according to your site, Medical Technology Management Institute, MTMI, is your global medical imaging education partner. Would you tell us a little bit about what you provide at MTMI?

Mr. Mazurowski: MTMI was founded about 32 years ago. We primarily are the providers of continuing education, for Healthcare professionals in the medical imaging/radiology space. We provide continuing education for radiologic technologists, nuclear medicine, mammography, MRI, CT, ultrasound, all the various modalities and disciplines within medical imaging. Because radiology is one of those medical specialties that is highly regulated, professionals are required to acquire a certain number of continuing education credits, to maintain their credentials and certifications. The other large audience that we provide continuing education and training for are the medical physicists, who also work in the radiology space. The medical physicists are the individuals who calibrate the sophisticated, high-tech imaging equipment to make sure that everything functions according to federal and state regulations. MTMI also offers education, training and seminars for physicians or Radiologists. And most recently we began offing programs for the biomedical equipment technicians. So MTMI was founded to help meet these continuing, post college, educational needs with quality programs and services.

Over the years we have really expanded our programs and services and besides continuing education, we provide training, much of it “hands-on.” We have many training programs, including hands on instruction for technologists, medical physicists, and physicians. We offer several cross-training courses and webinars where we cross train or upskill individuals. Maybe someone is an X-ray tech by background. We train them how to be a CT tech, or MRI tech, so that they can provide more value, help address staffing issues and improve efficiency and throughput in hospitals. Because everyone has to sit for some sort of registry exam or certification exam to work in the radiology space, we offer several registry review courses to help people prepare for those examinations, particularly for the advanced level certifications for CT Scan, MRI, or Ultrasound. Our review programs generally boast a 94% pass rate for our students.

We also provide in-services or consulting services, where we actually go into facilities and provide onsite training. Many of those requests come to us organically, perhaps after “findings” were identified following a regulatory inspection. For instance, a facility may have deficiency identified in a survey or inspection and they need to put an action plan together to correct the deficiency, MTMI will send a team in to do the necessary training, cross training, upskilling or whatever needs to be done. That is pretty much our portfolio.         

CEOCFO: What is the key to good training?

Mr. Mazurowski: The key to good training is expert faculty. We screen all of our faculty personally. They are subject matter experts. They are considered experts in their field, and we constantly monitor the quality of our programs. We are always reviewing. We look at course evaluations, real time. Every course, every event that we offer, we look at the reviews immediately following, and we make adjustments and improvements as we need to. I can tell you that we hold between 300 and 350 webinars a year. We hold roughly 50 live events each year.     

CEOCFO: How has your approached evolved over time? What are you doing today that you might not have done 5 years ago or even a year ago?

Mr. Mazurowski: Everyone learned a lot with COVID. We had many live events where COVID actually put a restriction on how many people could be at the event or whether people could even travel in the first place. Therefore, we started getting really creative.

We began to simulcast all of our live events to reach those who could not travel due to pandemic or cost restrictions. The goal there was to try to give the remote or online learner the same experience as the people at the face-to-face event. We got really creative with using cameras, quality audio, and the attention to detail to make sure the instruction and the content was as deliverable to the online learner as it was to the face-to-face learner. MTMI learned by working through the challenges of the pandemic – so that is one of the ways that we have evolved.   

CEOCFO: What is your geographic reach?

Mr. Mazurowski: We have a national presence with both live events and online learning, most professionals in the radiology space recognize the MTMI brand, but we are also reaching students globally in Canada, the UK and elsewhere. We are beginning to accredit our educational content through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards to enhance and solidify our global reach.

CEOCFO: Why is now the time to go more global than you have been?

Mr. Mazurowski: Generally speaking and COVID aside, staffing issues have always been a challenge in the healthcare setting. There is a high degree of burnout and turnover. It’s challenging to find good, qualified healthcare providers in the various disciplines and we are finding that this is exacerbated with the impacts of COVID. It seems, everyone that we talk to around the nation are experiencing shortages in trying to keep up with demand. They cannot find qualified CT techs, or MRI techs, they do not know where the replacement staff is coming from. They will turn to MTMI to go in and take their known quality staff, for instance, in radiology, and cross train or upskill them to become CT techs or MRI techs.

The other thing that is compounding staffing concerns, is that many or most healthcare facilities are requiring all of their employees to be vaccinated and that is causing additional turnover. So staffing challenges continue to escalate. That is always a challenge and so people turn to MTMI to help provide that additional training and help upskill people who are in their existing workforce, so they can be more productive and more valuable to the organization.   

CEOCFO: Is the training the same everywhere? Might a very rural hospital have different procedures than someone in the main center of New York City, or is the right technique the right technique, period?

Mr. Mazurowski: Yes, that is closer to the truth. The right technique is the right technique. In my background I came from the hospital setting, so I was a radiology administrator for the lion’s share of my career until I came over to the business side here at MTMI more recently. However, I worked in various states around the country over my career and what you find out is that radiology is radiology no matter where you are. That holds true, even in the US and abroad. The technique and the approach and the protocols are really all the same everywhere. It is pretty much standard, and we teach to these standards through high-quality, industry expert led programs.

The only difference, to your example, is with different types of facilities. For instance, in the smaller facilities such as critical access hospitals, they obviously have a much smaller staffing pool, so they really need to do more with less staff. Therefore, they may have more need to have “multi-skilled” staff than the larger academic systems with larger staffing pools. There may be a difference there in the need for MTMI assistance, but basically, the training and educational needs are consistent no matter where you work.    

CEOCFO: You took over the role of president earlier this year and I am sure you did due diligence before you took that on. What have you learned as you have been engaging as the President that may have surprised you??

Mr. Mazurowski: That is a good question! I am not sure there was a surprise, only because I say that having spent more than 20 years as a radiology administrator, and many years before that as a technologist, so I know and can appreciate the challenges on all the different levels, whether it’s navigating regulatory or policy changes, trying to maintain adequate staffing levels, focusing on quality outcomes and performance targets and all of those challenges within healthcare. I think my background positioned me well in this role, because I really understand our end user, their needs and wants and challenges.

CEOCFO: Do you do much outreach? How do you reach people that should know about you who may not?

Mr. Mazurowski: We have a very aggressive marketing team, so they market to various channels. We do direct mail. We are in various medical journals. We do all social media; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. More recently, we have brought on a salesforce to drive B2B partnerships, which is a first for MTMI.

Now we are really going out to healthcare facilities and networks to tell our story, tell them who we are, and illustrate how MTMI might be able to partner with them to help them with their challenges. To date, most of our work in the field in terms of providing in-services and consulting, came to us organically, or through word of mouth. We’re now actively reaching out, and looking for opportunities to “partner” and become their preferred provider for training and education.

CEOCFO: MTMI has a long history. What sets you above the rest?

Mr. Mazurowski: There are competitors out there, but there is no one competitor that comes to mind that offers the broad and diverse portfolio, if you will, of what MTMI offers. People can get continuing education in many places; they do not have to come to MTMI, but when you consider our brand of high-quality content, add our cross-training, upskilling and hands-on training, it’s really hard to find better options in the market. For instance, one of our highest profile programs is our initial five-day mammography training course. This course is for technologists wishing to enter the field of mammography with perhaps no previous experience as well as technologists who have worked in mammography without extensive formal training. This course provides the initial training in mammography that is required by the mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) and provides you over 16 hours of structured education related to the content specifications as outlined by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). It is a five-day course and at the end of it you are prepared to sit for the mammography registry exam. We offer that program 12 times a year and it generally is sold out. These are the kinds of offerings where MTMI is unmatched in terms of competition. It’s the “MTMI difference!”

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“These are the kinds of offerings where MTMI is unmatched in terms of competition. It’s the “MTMI difference!”
Jay Mazurowski