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Joseph Mannello of MYOS Introduces a Product Line Focused On Muscle Health for Humans and Canines

Joseph Mannello

CEO & Director



Kristofer Ohrenick


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine

Published – February 1, 2021

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CEOCFO: Mr. Mannello, what is the overall vision behind MYOS Corp today?

Mr. Mannello: The overall vision is muscle health. What is lacking in today’s medicine in both humans and pets is discussion around muscle health. Medical professionals (both on the human and pet side) have not been adequately addressing the importance of muscle and lean body mass. MYOS believes that we have a break-through product that can address that need. The understanding is that if you have lean muscle mass, you will enjoy longevity, a better quality of life and better outcomes for many serious illnesses.

CEOCFO: Why do you think muscles have been overlooked?

Mr. Mannello: Muscle health hasn’t been overlooked, but rather it has been lost. In my youth, “muscle health” was about physical strength but no one ever equated it to your well-being. As most people aged, they just accepted the fact that, “as I get older, I will lose muscle mass. It is just part of life.” But as we began to look at our overall body health, there was a shift and the medical community and consumers began to look at preventative health. One such step toward disease prevention was recognizing the importance of muscle health and the condition of sarcopenia, the loss of muscle mass as you age. There are ways to stop the progression of sarcopenia. When I speak with friends over the age of 50, most do not pay attention to their muscle mass and how it is changing. This is a big oversight.

COVID has brought muscle health to the forefront during this pandemic. There is a great deal of science that indicates that healthy muscle mass plays an integral role in fighting disease while promoting a healthier, longer quality of life. A 20-year study of men between the ages of 20-80 years old, at the Karolinska Institute, showed that lower muscle mass translates to reduced survival rates for most illnesses. Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA, published a study looking at muscle mass and breast cancer. Women with less muscle mass had lower survival rates. Muscle mass was even more important than obesity. 

CEOCFO: What have you come up with at MYOS to help this problem?

Mr. Mannello: MYOS is the owner of Fortetropin®, a fertilized egg yolk-based product manufactured via a proprietary process to retain and optimize its biological activity. Fortetropin has been clinically shown to increase muscle size, lean body mass and reduce muscle atrophy in both humans and canines. MYOS believes Fortetropin has the potential to redefine existing standards of physical health and wellness in both humans and canines.

To date, we have conducted pet and human studies that have proven that our product is really effective in increasing lean muscle mass and reducing muscle atrophy. 

CEOCFO: When someone takes Fortetropin, what happens in the body?

Mr. Mannello: We have completed various studies about the mechanism of action. There are different molecular pathways in your body; one pathway is called the mTOR pathway which is involved in building muscle tissue. Another pathway called the ubiquitin pathway is involved in the destruction of muscle tissue. Your body is always balancing those competing forces that act on muscle. If you do not do anything and sit in bed for a month, you will have muscle atrophy. That is the result of ubiquitin pathway activity. 

We have seen in these studies that Fortetropin has increased mTOR activity and decreased ubiquitin activity. Additionally, in these studies, we have found that Fortetropin also lowers serum levels of a protein in your body called myostatin. Myostatin keeps a lid on muscle growth. Therefore, when this protein is reduced in the body, muscle health is favorably impacted. For example, when you lift weights you reduce myostatin.

We have found in some of our studies that Fortetropin has reduced serum levels of myostatin. It does not shut it down. You would not want it to shut it down. However, it helps reduce myostatin which helps increase muscle mass. These preliminary studies are helpful and additional research and studies will be extremely helpful to reinforce these findings.

CEOCFO: Are there any potential side effects? How often would someone take Fortetropin?

Mr. Mannello: In terms of side effects, if you are allergic to eggs, you should not take Fortetropin because it is an egg-based product. However, there is a very small amount of egg in Fortetropin. A daily dose or serving is two thirds of an egg yolk. If someone is concerned with their cholesterol levels, they should talk to their doctor. 

Our recommendation is to take Fortetropin for at least one month. Most consumers will start seeing results in that time frame, for others it may take longer, 6-8 weeks.

CEOCFO: How do you measure results on animals and people?

Mr. Mannello: We measure our results through our scientific research and testimonials from clients. 

As dogs get older you see them slow down. We have received testimonials from consumers who have given MYOS Canine Muscle Formula to their senior dogs and they report that their dogs have started to regain some of the activity they enjoyed in their younger years. We have conducted two studies at Kansas State University on Fortetropin’s efficacy in dogs. The first study looked at dogs who underwent TPLO surgery, a procedure similar to ACL surgery in humans. The dogs were given Fortetropin and recovered faster. Also, they were stronger in terms of weight bearing capacity and researchers found that Fortetropin reduced muscle loss. The second study looked at the quality of life in older dogs. Initial findings have shown a statistically significant improvement in dogs that received Fortetropin. 

In addition to our canine studies, we have also studied Fortetropin in humans in randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials. This includes a study of men between the ages of 18-21 at the University of Tampa. During the 12-week study, participants performed resistance training twice per week. Those who received Fortetropin-enriched protein shakes experienced gains in muscle mass (~1.7 kg) that were about three times the magnitude of the gains experienced by the participants who did not take our product (0.6kg). Our most recent study on human muscle health was published in July 2020 by Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley under the direction of Dr. William J. Evans, Adjunct Professor of Nutrition. Published in the Journal of Gerontology, Series A the study followed men and women between the ages of 60-75 for 21 days. Subjects who were given our product experienced an increase in the rate of muscle protein synthesis of 18% in comparison to subjects that did not receive our product. We have an ongoing study on rehabilitation and recovery at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. The study utilizes a model called the unilateral leg immobilization model that mimics muscle loss following a knee injury. Subjects are required to wear a knee brace for two weeks which simulates the processes that happens to muscle following a knee injury.

CEOCFO: You recently added a new patent. Would you tell us what that brings to the table at MYOS?

Mr. Mannello: This was our third patent and it is unique as it relates to a drinkable, consumer nutrition product that helps people regain muscle loss due to muscle wasting disease. This is a pretty powerful patent for us. It took us a long time to acquire which we filed for the application in December 2014 and received approval in November of 2020.

CEOCFO: What products are available today?

Mr. Mannello: Our product line includes Yolked®, which is geared toward muscle recovery in elite athletes. Yolked means to be muscular, to be “jacked up”. We found most athletes referred to being “yolked” or to “get yolked” which is to build muscle and we have trademarked both expressions. Yolked is protein’s perfect partner, stimulating muscle growth. Yolked is a sports nutrition product for athletes, and is a safe and effective food offering a competitive edge. It is not classified as a supplement and is NSF certified for sports. You can find sports nutritional products that are labeled as healthy but are made with synthetic, unhealthy ingredients. Yolked is a muscle enhancer that athletes can take and feel great about it. 

Our business has seen the most significant growth in our pet product line. We began with the introduction of MYOS Canine Muscle Formula (MCMF), a veterinarian recommended canine muscle supplement that has been clinically-proven to build muscle mass and improve mobility. MCMF is available to consumers on our company website, and through, and Amazon. In 2020, MYOS launched MYOS Canine Muscle Formula Vet Strength, an enhanced formulation of the original MCMF formula that includes branched chain amino acids for improved muscle growth and recovery. The Vet Strength formula is available exclusively through the company’s national network of partner veterinarians. We also introduced MYOS Muscle & Mobility Chew with 600 mg of Collagen.  


CEOCFO: Would you briefly touch on the recent change of company name?

Mr. Mannello: MYOS RENS Technology was a public company, and in Q4 2020, we did a reverse merger and became a private company and are now known as MYOS CORP. I, along with my board of directors believed that MYOS would be better served as a private company at this stage of the company’s growth. In this transaction, we were able to do a great deal for the shareholders of MYOS. They now own stock in a healthcare technology company, MedAvail (MDVL) while retaining all of their stock in the private company MYOS CORP.   


CEOCFO: What does 2021 look like for MYOS? What should we expect?

Mr. Mannello: Our outlook for 2021 is to build additional skews within our Yolked line, one specifically a protein powder combined with Fortetropin. MYOS will continue to build on the success of our family of animal wellness products for canines as well as introduce new skews geared to cats. During COVID, we began education courses for veterinarians and webinars for doctors, chiropractors and holistic doctors. These events were well-received within the medical community and we will continue to educate healthcare professionals on the importance of muscle health. We will continue to collaborate with universities and other companies on research for both animal and human wellness.

In 2020, we were able to really grow the business in what I consider a challenging year and it has grown exponentially. That says a lot about the team and products that we offer to our clients and consumers. As a big sports fan, I use the analogy that MYOS is in the first inning of very long game. So I think the upside for this company in 2021 and beyond is the prospect of huge growth from where we are today.

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“I think the upside for this company in 2021 and beyond is the prospect of huge growth from where we are today,” said
Joseph Mannello