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Taking Bone Graft Industry to the Next Level

Dr. Dongwoo Sohn

Co-founder, CEO

OsteoGene Tech Corp


Dongwoo Daniel Sohn, Ph.D., Co-founder, CEO

OsteoGene Tech Corp.


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – May 2, 2022

CEOCFO: Dr. Sohn, what is the overall vision behind OsteoGene Tech Corp?

Dr. Sohn: Using our patented technology and knowledge, we will continue to introduce products to the market for spine, maxillofacial, and orthopedic applications. Moreover, we envision our platform technology could eventually be utilized in even more applications for the human body. Long bone, open cleft, and customized bone, are just some of the potential areas that we aim to target.

CEOCFO: What have you come up with that is different from what is already available?

Dr. Sohn: There are several bone graft materials available today, but our InRoad product is not a mere material. It is a technology that enables the patient to have truly regenerated bone. In fact, InRoad’s bone growth function produced better results compared to a leading company’s product in multiple animal tests.

CEOCFO: What is it that makes it superior? Why does it work better?

Dr. Sohn: The secret is in the uniquely engineered InRoad synthetic bone graft. Inside of the InRoad granule there are 3-dimensional macro-pores, micro-channels, and sub-micro holes in a scaffolding structure. Therefore, it provides the superior absorption and retention properties of the host’s blood and body cells, and more than 70 percent of the space becomes filled with newly generated natural bone, 3 months after implant.

CEOCFO: What is it about the material that allows it to happen? What is happening in the body that allows this to take place?

Dr. Sohn: To make such a miraculous result of 70% newly generated natural bone, we are not doing anything too artificially, but we are letting the body work. The unique structure of our InRoad synthetic bone graft gives space for blood to flow through, and this allows the body to fill in the space with natural bone.  

CEOCFO: How did you decide what to work on first, as far as your products? What are you looking at to follow up with down the road, or what might you be working on now, as well?

Dr. Sohn: We had a good network of dentists, so that is why we started with the dental product first.  

CEOCFO: Now that you have the FDA clearance, what is your strategy for the next 6 months to a year? How are you going to get the news out? What are you plans for manufacturing? Would you give us a run-down of what is in the works?

Dr. Sohn: Fortunately, after 20 years of research and development, we already have many professors and university hospital doctors who are interested in this product. And while we continue to seek strategic partnerships with major companies or distributors, we are also planning to distribute our products through our established doctors/clinics network. The initial clinical results we would get from our networks' patients will greatly help in promoting our product.

CEOCFO: Are you seeking funding or are you good at the moment?

Dr. Sohn: At this moment, half and half. Fortunately, we have a good amount of funding from our existing investors and shareholders. However, of course, for the introduction of the orthopedic or spine products into the market, if we have more funding, we can expedite the process and see faster returns.   

CEOCFO: How do you get a foot in the door, both with the potential customers and with potential investors, or potential companies that might be partners?

Dr. Sohn: Currently due to the technical nature of our product development, our current network is composed primarily of medical experts. After obtaining FDA clearance and the upcoming clinical application of InRoad, we anticipate attracting more investors through the effectiveness of our product. And medical expertise will not be needed to understand how much InRoad will change the bone graft industry.

CEOCFO: You are working on developing a strategy?

Dr. Sohn: Yes.

CEOCFO: What did you learn as the product was in development? What were some of the things that you anticipated that came true, and what did you learn or what direction did you have to make some changes in the product, so that it is most effective right now?

Dr. Sohn: Going into this process, we know that certain procedures such as obtaining the FDA clearance would take a while. But we were confident that it wouldn’t take too long to introduce InRoad to the public because our product was already ready for the market. Although our evaluation of InRoad’s market readiness was correct, we learned that other processes in the product development cycle can still result in delaying the introduction of a product. Given the gained experience, however, we are confident that future InRoad products will avoid similar roadblocks.

CEOCFO: Why pay attention to OsteoGene Tech Corp? Why is the company important?

Dr. Sohn: At OsteoGene, we are not adding just another copy of a currently existing market product. We are introducing revolutionary technology. And we believe that our technology will advance bone graft research and the industry, as a whole, to the next level.

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“Medical expertise will not be needed to understand how much InRoad will change the bone graft industry.”
Dr. Dongwoo Sohn