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Sókn Engineering at the forefront of the $20 billion predictive analytics market with their HyperFund Engine.  Know Tomorrow…Today.

Cassie Monaco

CEO & Co Founder

Sókn Engineering


Cassie Monaco


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – October 11, 2021

CEOCFO: Ms. Monaco, what is the idea behind Sókn?

Ms. Monaco: Simply put, we set out to fill an obvious void that exists in futures commodity trading. Sókn Engineering is a predictive analytics company unlike anything out there today. Over an eight-year period we have developed and perfected our proprietary mathematical algorithms that allow us to precisely predict market movement in crude light oil futures contracts. There are several front-end commodity trading platforms that allow users to execute and analyze trades, but we are unaware of any company or product that guide a user to a specific trade, until now. This is what we call our HyperFund Engine™ and our HFE fills the void that exists on the back end of today’s trading platforms.

My co-founder, Stacy Lawrence (VP of Operations), and I thought this was a wonderful opportunity to not only build a business, but since we are both mission oriented, knew this was a way to help create awareness and opportunity for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. Our strategy is twofold, first, not only do we have an incredibly compelling product opportunity with massive upside in the FinTech industry, but two, we’ve realized that through our work, we can achieve our mission of fostering innovation for women as seek to help other women achieve their dreams and make an impact on their communities, like we are doing.

CEOCFO: Regarding Sókn HyperFund Engine™, how does it work and why are there not a million billionaires around as they are using the fund?

Ms. Monaco: We say that our mathematics and algorithms are highly complex, but the execution vis-à-vis the HFE’s output is simple. Sókn’s proprietary mathematics can entrap the algorithms of other mathematical models and react accordingly. We refer to our math as entrapment calculus. Entrapment calculus combines polymorphic sequencing, fractured and differential calculus, segmented vector calculus, and vector geometry. It is this math that allows us to entrap the market’s algorithms and generate data that has a standard deviation coefficient of less than one percent.

Commodity traders currently use outside indicators compiled into severely complicated models, trying all kind of independent factors together to determine the most probable short-term movements. This is not what we do. Our math model produces predictive and precise output.

Until recently, our math has involved manual calculations with a calculator and a lead pencil. It has been painfully time consuming. Sókn’s HyperFund Engine™ is proprietary and therefore, not available to the public. There are a lot of brilliant people in the world, but we believe we are at the forefront of the $20 billion predictive analytics market. In addition, until we complete the automation of our mathematics into software, we are not prepared to broadly roll-out our HyperFund Engine™.  

CEOCFO: Will you be able to use technology rather that paper and pencil?

Ms. Monaco: Correct, we are currently coding our math into software which is where we are today. We will run redundant until we have a software that is ready. Once we have the software, we will incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence which will teach Sókn’s math to yield optimal decisions.

Just to give you an idea of how critical the coding of our math into software is, it currently takes hours to calculate a single set of data with which to execute a trade. Coding into software will reduce the time from hours to milliseconds, thereby allowing the user to execute on multiple times in a given trading period. Please keep in mind that we are not a trading company, we are a software company targeting the FinTech industry, or anyone looking to predict behavior.

CEOCFO: Were there one or two things that you recognized at a certain point which propelled you further on?

Ms. Monaco: Yes, being able to see the output generated by our math, and then seeing the market move to the exact price target, to the penny, and typically to the half penny. This happens over and over and over. It is no fluke. This alone has motivated us to get this into software as soon as humanly possible so we can begin to monetize our efforts. Initially we have used our math to predict crude light oil futures price movements, but we have also tested it on other commodities and its accuracy never ceases to amaze us. Every day is our aha moment. It is as exciting today as it was when we first developed it.

CEOCFO: What about extraneous events like hurricanes, war, etc?

Ms. Monaco: Our math is unaffected by outside events and does not use outside influences from the market or geo-political events. Sókn’s math objectively ciphers the market’s current primary algorithms, then entraps their algorithms and adjusts our algorithms to generate specific price targets. What this means is - the beauty of our math is that it dances in step with the market’s algorithms. When there are changes in the market’s algorithms, our algorithms adapt. Commodity market pricing is driven by algorithms, so whatever affects the market price, such as outside influences, our algorithms move in lock step because of the entrapment nature of our math. We chose crude light oil because it is a politically driven market, oil stabilizes the U.S. dollar, and because it is a multibillion-dollar market every day.

CEOCFO: Who will your target customers be once you develop the HyperFund Engine?

Ms. Monaco: Once the HyperFund Engine™ is coded into software, we will have several options available to us. We could offer it to an investment bank, hedge fund, private trading desk, or any institutional trading platform looking for a back-end solution; or to a strategic player like TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE, TradeStation or Robinhood, that could offer the HFE in their product offering as a back-end solution. We could also continue to build-out the robustness of our math and diversify our product portfolio into different markets and continue as a stand-alone entity. We believe our math is incredibly valuable across a broad spectrum of potential users.

CEOCFO: Are you seeking funding or investment at this point?

Ms. Monaco: Yes. Until recently, my cofounder and I have 100% funded all development and operating expenses. I even sold my home and invested the proceeds into the company. This is how compelling this opportunity is. We have recently invited in what we are calling the Founders Group and we are carefully continuing to expand the Founders Group. We have filed with the SEC to raise up to $1 million. This is not a capital-intensive business. We do not need a lot of employees, nor do we need super computers to run our software. We do anticipate a possible Series A sometime next year but are highly sensitive to dilution to the Founders Group.

CEOCFO: Would you tell us about women and STEM and what Sókn is doing?

Ms. Monaco: STEM fields are made up of only 28% women and statistics tell us that women are being paid 40% less than their male counterparts in the same fields. We want to show women and young girls that there are many doors out there that they are capable of opening open. We want to give them that opportunity. Many women have brilliant thoughts, ideas, and innovations. We want to be able to help foster that by offering our resources to build on whatever they are doing. We enjoy working closely with these young women. This year we are offering a scholarship to a young woman from a local high school seeking to study a STEM field in college.  In addition, we have another initiative mission that we will launch in the near future, it is very exciting and ties to our overall mission. We don’t do this because we seek attention, we do it because we believe in our mission.

We just held a big event; we were the first corporate sponsor of a young women by the name of Zara Rutherford. She is the youngest women to attempt to fly solo around the world. She is out of Belgium, and she was brought onto my radar by her dad just coincidently and I was so excited by what this 19-year-old women was doing and we became her very first sponsor and she has brought on some other big sponsors that are allowing money that is allowing her to get around the world. She is not just looking to break a world record, just like we are not looking just to make money. It is her mission and her heart. She is also creating an awareness to the gender gap in aviation and in STEM and is actually raising money for a few organizations Girls Who Dream Code and Dream Soar.

We held this huge event because she was supposed to fly into where we are here in Whitefish, Montana and unfortunately weather and other conflicts made it not possible, but we still head a huge welcome event for her. How many people and how many young girls were so excited to meet this young women Zara Rutherford, these girls that want to get into STEM, to get into aviation. Although, Zara could not make it we had her on a big screen on ZOOM and the excitement of these young girls asking her questions and just seeing their minds open up and knowing that they too can achieve whatever they set their minds to. It is just brilliant being able to open doors to women and girls in STEM.

CEOCFO: Why do you believe a gender gap in STEM still exists?

Ms. Monaco: I believe a gender gap currently exists in STEM because it is not until more recently that we have begun exposing young girls to opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It has only been in the last twenty years that the STEM curriculum was introduced into our education system. If we asked girls twenty years ago, let alone 50 years ago, what they wanted to be when they grew up, the responses would be Teachers, Nurses, Secretaries, Lawyers, Hairdressers, and writers, all noble careers. Still, now with organizations like Girls Who Code, National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP), and Girls Code United, our young girls are not only introduced to STEM but are receiving hands-on exposure and experience in the STEM field. I believe the distant gap that we currently experience in STEM will begin to close as we foster and encourage girls into the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields.

CEOCFO: Why choose Sókn Engineering?

Ms. Monaco: The reason to choose Sókn Engineering is we have a very compelling innovation with our HyperFund Engine. Who would not want to know today, price market movements of tomorrow? There is so much out there today in what we refer to as the “front-end”. Anybody can get an app on their phone, the eTrades, the Robin Hoods, and start to trade but there is nobody out there that we are aware of yet to fill that void of the backend that guides the trader precisely to the price market movement. We are filling this huge void. That is obviously the first reason for somebody to invest in Sókn because it is I think a very good investment. We have proven that it works, it is a valuable tool to be able to use.

Our second reason is our mission. I do think people appreciate a mission in a company where we are aiding other people to be successful and achieve their dreams and endeavors. It is extremely important to my cofounder and I that we along the way help people. We can always make money; everybody has the ability to make money and yes, we will make money and we are super excited about that but what is more exciting is the people we can bring up with us along the way.

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“We have a very compelling innovation with our HyperFund Engine. Who would not want to know today, price market movements of tomorrow? There is so much out there today in what we refer to as the “front-end”. Anybody can get an app on their phone, the eTrades, the Robin Hoods, and start to trade but there is nobody out there that we are aware of yet to fill that void of the backend that guides the trader precisely to the price market movement. We are filling this huge void.”
Cassie Monaco