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Telebionix Inc. - Transforming Telehealth with Technology that can Exchange Biometric Information Between Two Parties

Widy Medina

Co-Founder & CEO

Telebionix Inc.


Barbara Perez

Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – September 13, 2021

CEOCFO: Mr. Medina, what is the concept behind Telebionix Inc?

Mr. Medina: Telebionix is a company that is shooting to transform telehealth and the way that telehealth is done today and cover the gap of one of the major constraints that the technology has, which is the data and biometric data exchange between the healthcare provider and the patient. Therefore, we have developed technology that can exchange biometric information between the two parties participating in telehealth.

CEOCFO: What types of information?

Mr. Medina: It is a cross modality biometric system, so the type of information is vital signs. It is a fancy way of saying exchange of blood pressure information, of body temperature information, oxygenation levels, so SpO2 (peripheral capillary oxygen saturation) equivalent to what an oximeter will give. While including a unique eight lead ECG system.

To capture all of this information on a portable battery operated, handheld device is already groundbreaking and separates us from everyone else that is trying to get close to what we are doing. We went a step further by including a digital stethoscope which records the sound of your heart and lung functions, so it could be shared directly with your primary doctor on a remote session.   

CEOCFO: How are you able to come up with this technology when others have not?  I assume many people have tried.

Mr. Medina: There are many brilliant people out there. We are definitely not owners of the knowledge. It is just that we were able to assemble a dream design and medical team. Therefore, instead of just going into a silo and designing a product and then looking for how it fits the market, we started the other way around. We started with hours of interviews with first responders, cardiologists, and research medical doctors. We asked them what is needed out there, where are the gaps and what are the tools, they wish they had. Then the product we call Remosense was designed integrating their answers.

Instead of reinventing the wheel we looked at existing technologies and we found ways to increase sensing accuracy using AI and sensor placement for optimal sensing performance. This is the secret sauce. It is a combination of optimizing tested and proven technologies and applying new AI algorithms to help the process of analyzing the biometric data and enhancing accuracy, so the information is reliable and usable for medical purposes.

CEOCFO: How will we know if something goes wrong? For example, the nurse doing intake will take blood pressure and later the doctor will check. Often, different numbers. How can we be sure if we are using Remosense that it is correct?  

Mr. Medina: That is a great question and that is the beauty of Remosense. Remosense versus a single modality device where you are bound to the information that you gather by only that sensing technology. For example, when you analyze the blood pressure with an arm cuff system, you depend on the technology of analyzing that expansion/contraction of that cuff and that is the only input that the system gets to confirm if there is, in fact, the right blood pressure there.

With Remosense, we have the advantage of the cross-modality analysis, so we are not only using the input from the SpO2 sensor or from the body temperature, but we are using the correlation of all of those sensors to determine if the measurement is a true measurement, if it makes sense biologically, if there is not a sensor that is giving you a misleading data set. That is really the beauty of Remosense! When you have multiple sensors input you can evaluate if the information is actually a reliable source of information and data.

CEOCFO: How do you use the device? Where do you put it towards your body? Do you have to do multiple times to get the different things; you put it one place and everything gets measured? How does it work?  

Mr. Medina: There are a couple of measurements that can be taken simultaneously and then there are other measurements that require you to place the device in different positions near your body. For example, we have determined that one of the best places to take the temperature for the type of sensors that we are using is the forehead. That is why when you are taking the body temperature it is better to move the unit to your forehead and it automatically takes that measurement for you. However, then there is a group of measurements that can be together. When you are doing the ECG analysis you put the unit at your chest, at the same position that you would put a stethoscope. In that position you are hearing the heart and at the same time you are linking that to the electrical analysis of the functions of the heart. Therefore, you are taking that set of information together.

The third set of information is when you want to take your blood pressure. The unit has a particular finger clamp that you put your finger in and we are doing an oxygenation level analysis right there, while also doing a blood pressure analysis. As you can see it is 3 different places where you put the device on your body and then you pick up all of those biometrics. However, then everything gets together as a data set for that session. Then during a telehealth session, all of that biometric information gathered for that session is grouped and can be analyzed as a single data set.  

CEOCFO: That is very exciting! Is it fully developed? Where are you in the process?

Mr. Medina: We have gone through a proof of concept for all the different biometrics, just to confirm functionality and benchmarking this was completed successfully. We already went through an MVP of that minimum viable product is completed.

Right now, we are negotiating for creating units to go beyond our laboratory, so that we can distribute this unit to start medical trials. In parallel we have efforts with the FDA, so that we can do an IDE (investigational device exemption) on the product. I think that we are a thrilling stage where we are very close to testing it with hundreds of patients and we are going through all the phases to get the required permits to do so.   

CEOCFO: Is the investment community paying attention?

Mr. Medina: We have been self-funded up to this point. Just last month we opened a couple of different channels for investment. I think that this product is a product that speaks to the people and that is useful globally on a social and geographical context. We opened a crowdfunding round, just to allow the regular folk that is not a VC investor to invest in our product if they identify with our product and mission. At the same time, we are in conversations with venture capital investors and private investors.

CEOCFO: Do you see manufacturing yourself? Do you see licensing out the technology or are you open to what possibilities can develop?  

Mr. Medina: Our focus is on the design, the ergonomics with the end user in mind, making sure that that design gets to be the best possible design that we can put together. Then we have our manufacturing partners that are going to take that design and then bring it to reality, obviously working in tandem with our team. We already have partners that we have signed MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) which is super exciting as they decided to be a participating partner that is now part of our organization and that was so encouraging, because we went into the market just looking for a regular manufacturing partner and they come back and they say, “No, we want to be part of the project, we want to be part of the company!” This has happened with almost every partner that we have chosen. We are excited that it allows us to continue developing newer products, new technologies, while we know that we are covered with a great partner doing the manufacturing portion for us.   

CEOCFO: How did you know when you had it right?  How long did it take you to get to that point?

Mr. Medina: When you ask that question to an engineer, we never think that we have it right! We always think we can do it better, because we always know that there is something that we can improve or coming up with new modalities, new things that you can use in technology. It was very hard to define where we stop and freeze the design and say, “Let’s go, let’s put the product out there, let’s generate revenue with the product, but let’s bring it to the public, because this is really going to be transformational. This changes the way that healthcare is done, instead of being in a silo, instead of just keeping it in a cave, let’s show it.” And that was really hard! At which point do we do that. We decided to do that when we knew that it is going to give peace of mind to the patient, empower doctors, and improve the management of the hundreds of thousands of patients.

We all found out how fragile our global healthcare system is, so we stopped at the point where we said, “This is a great tool for solving the gap, let’s put it out there,” and that is where we brought the design. At the same time, I can tell you, we are ready. We already have a 4-year road map planned for the product with multiple improvements; connectivity to third party devices, partnership with companies that are doing glucose meters, that are doing other types of sensing we want connected to our platform. Therefore, we started with a device design and we are finishing with a healthcare platform, and that is what we are putting out there in the market!

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“That is really the beauty of Remosense! When you have multiple sensors input you can evaluate if the information is actually a reliable source of information and data.”
Widy Medina






“Instead of reinventing the wheel we looked at existing technologies and we found ways to increase sensing accuracy using AI and sensor placement for optimal sensing performance.” Widy Medina