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Totally Hempful Starts Up to Help People


Totally Hempful  

Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine

January 4, 2021

CEOCFO: Mr. Sullivan, would you tell us the concept behind Totally Hempful?

Mr. Sullivan: The concept of Totally Hempful was made up of several different things. One was to make products that really work and help people. It is important for people to make sure they are getting the benefits of our products and knowing the differences between the products. CBD is not one size fits all. That is a big misconception about CBD, when people try it once and it does not work for them it is often because it isn’t the right product, dose or type.

We are in the process of building is a farm where people can come and see products being made and the different types of organic grows that we do as well. We try to help as many people as we can, not just in this country but around the world as well.

CEOCFO: What does the company understand about CBD that allows you to come up with a superior product?

Mr. Hailey: In order for us to make a superior product, it really starts with superior ingredients. The CBD is organically harvested in a clean way and then taking it out all the way to the end results by blending certain raw materials, we will improve the overall result. We try to blend as many concentrated materials as we can to create a full-spectrum effect.

CEOCFO: Is that uncommon these days?

Mr. Hailey: I believe so, we specialize in taking our line even further adding additional, different cannabinoids and having specialized cannabinoid blends. I feel a lot of manufacturers now are just buying what they can, putting in just that one ingredient and hoping it sticks. We have the luxury of having other material and getting that all into one bottle.

CEOCFO: Would you give us an example of what you might add that typically would not be?

Mr. Sullivan: Our full-spectrum line encompasses the full-spectrum crude as well as a broad-spectrum distillate and an isolate if necessary, especially if we are looking to make it a high milligram dose.

CEOCFO: How do you educate people who may not understand CBD itself let alone the various ways it can be produced and provided?

Mr. Johnson: The education is a huge factor for us and we recognized that early on. CBD is a new product for most consumers and so we stressed the importance of creating a website that consumers could go to and utilize as a tool to understand the varying effects of the cannabinoids and how the different products that we have can help them. If you are visiting our website you are going to find a glossary where we take those terms that are foreign to most and we put those into real world language that people can understand. We also make clear as, Stewart mentioned before, that CBD is not a one-size-fits-all program. This is not a product like an aspirin where you can buy an aspirin by Bayer or you can buy one with a CVS label and the results are the same for every person. This is a product that is going to interact with each individual differently and it is important for the individual to understand what the impacts of all the different cannabinoids are, and find the right source that actually impacts them the way the want to be impacted.

We have used our website to educate as best we can thus far. As Stewart mentioned, there is a plan in place for us to build out our infrastructure so that we are allowed to bring people in to watch everything from a seed being planted to the plants themselves growing and flowering out, to processing those plants into oils and then finally taking the oils and creating the end products that our consumers are going to utilize. It is an ongoing process for education. It is not something that we can just say this is it and everybody can just walk away and say ok I get it, because each person is different and we are working to help them realize what can work for them and why.

CEOCFO: How do you help someone decide which product to purchase?

Mr. Johnson: We rely heavily on Jon as our scientist. He has worked in fields throughout his career where there is a problem and he works to solve that problem. Whether it is some of the biggest viruses that exist in the world or helping somebody with arthritis. We utilize the expertise that exists on our team, and Jon in particular, to say “Jon here is the issue that we have and what do you think is the first step to address this person’s need?” We will answer all questions and we get a lot. We encourage people to contact us through the website to find out the problem and we will take it from there and give them the options that we believe work best initially and then continue to work with them to find their solution.

CEOCFO: Would you tell us about the nano infusion product?

Mr. Hailey: The nano infusion is a nano particle CBD, it has been emulsified to a very small size, a size that is readily available to the human body. It gets right into the blood about nine times faster than the larger particles. This product is superior in the sense that you can take a very small amount and get the result of a regular CBD that is a lot higher strength.

CEOCFO: What led you to developing this proprietary product?

Mr. Sullivan: There is a restaurant right next to my house and I was in there one night and they were serving CBD and juice drinks, so I ordered one to see how they made it and what they were doing. The guy added a honey bourbon and a couple other fruit juices and I saw him whip out a bottle of CBD and put four droplets in it. I asked where he got it he said he bought it off of Amazon. I asked him if he knew what he was buying and he said no and that he just bought it and it was relatively inexpensive. I told him that is not giving anybody any benefit. Of course, it was the most expensive drink on the menu. I told him it was not fair to people and it was not giving them any benefit.

I went outside and called Jon and told him the story about the restaurant and asked if he could come up with something so I could bring it to these people. This was ridiculous because people that try that drink will think they are not getting any benefit from CBD and they will think CBD does not work for them, that it is just another road block. So Jon created something and I gave them to the restaurant to try.

CEOCFO: How do you attract visitors to your site?

Mr. Sullivan: We are working on that each day.

Mr. Johnson: We have gotten a crash course in ecommerce over the last couple of months and we are learning as we go how to amplify our availability via web searches and things like that. We are also interested in working with people who are influencers, people who are trusted folks in their internet community.

We try to get our product in as many hands as possible so that these people, not just influencers, but people that are trusted by their communities or by their friends and family, to try our product. We spend a lot of time shipping samples all over the world in order for people to learn that if the product is done right and the process is correct then you are going to see the benefits that exist.

It is a combination of understanding how the algorithms and things like that work in the internet world, which is something that is new to us, but we have a team working with us to improve our abilities there. Additionally, each of us on this team have a lot of people in our lives that we introduce this product to as often as we can so that we can show that there are people getting benefit from this. The word-of-mouth continues to be our best advertising medium and the best way for us to gain sales on a daily basis.

CEOCFO: What is the range of products available today at Totally Hempful?

Mr. Hailey: We do sell a CBD balm which is used topically for different things, from mosquito bites to arthritis. We have an oil which is typical to the CBD world and a lot of people use it topically and sublingually. We have a topical CBD balm, a CBD oil in three different types. We have an isolate CBD oil, a broad-spectrum oil and a full-spectrum CBD oil. We have the nano infusion. The strengths are available between 500 and 2000 on the oil, also between 500 and 1500 in the balms, and then the nano infusions are between 2.5 and 10 milligrams. We also have lip balms which are all at 5 milligrams and they come in plain and cherry flavors. We also have capsules of 10 and 25 milligrams. We are always working on new products and will continue to roll out the best ones.

CEOCFO: Where are you getting traction globally?

Mr. Sullivan: I work a lot internationally. India just opened up to CBD and Brazil is opening up. We are starting to work with Columbia as they are opening up. Countries are starting to be open to our products. It has to be done a specific way. India just made an announcement a couple months ago that it is actually legal to ship there now. We are finding a lot more international opportunities going on.

CEOCFO: Are you looking for investment as you move forward?

Mr. Sullivan: I think that can move us in the right direction long-term. We are open to anything that can get us to our goal. We look to be a leader in the US market five years from now and in global markets, so we are open to anything that gets us there, whether it is a partnership or funding.

Mr. Johnson: It is something we do not take off the table at all. We are a young company and a startup. It costs a lot of money to build the infrastructure required to do the job that we are doing. We continue to push our sales so that we can grow organically and not take on additional funding but our ears and eyes are always open for further investment whether it be through more traditional channels or angel investors because we see the bigger picture opportunity to build out the highest quality CBD processing and CBD manufacturing that we can. This, again, is a startup that is off the ground but it can go at any rate of speed, more money can often help it go a little faster and we are not opposed to speeding up the process.

CEOCFO: What, if anything, might someone miss when they look at Totally Hempful, either from a customer perspective, medical perspective, or an investor perspective?

Mr. Johnson: I would say from my perspective what people may not realize is that this is a really tight group of individuals who all came together with a common goal of creating a product and a process and an environment that looks to help people. We put that as our top priority when we develop our products, when we make our products, and we want people to understand that this is not a fly-by-night organization, this is a company with many committed individuals who have invested time, money and energy to bring this to fruition.

We are in the early stages here but we believe that if we continue to work hard and do the processes the way we do them today, we are going to be one of the number one CBD brands and options out there because of the quality of our product and our commitment to our customers.

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“CBD is a new product for most consumers and so we stressed the importance of creating a website that consumers could go to and utilize as a tool to understand the varying effects of the cannabinoids and how the different products that we have can help them.” Ben Johnson






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